Frequently Asked


Friends of Dave Tours

What time do your tours begin and end?

We generally start at 9:30am and return at 7:15pm. Our tours are specifically designed to meet your ship's arrival and departure times and we have NEVER been late nor has any one of our guests ever missed a ship.

What is included in your tours?

Dave's ALL INCLUSIVE priced tours are the best deal anywhere for content and quality. His full day tour includes tours in Warnemünde, Wismar and Schwerin, a cake and coffee stop with tip for servers, luxury coach transport, an a la Carte German lunch with one large beverage in one of Dave's favorite, spectacular restaurants along with the tip for servers, any admissions, and the 19% German sales tax. PLUS the use of Dave's personal headsets that maximize your enjoyment of your tour.

Who performs Dave's tours?

Dave’s Top Guide Christian performs the Warnemünde port tours with the help of a tour assistant who goes along to insure your comfort.

How many people are on your tours and are they private?

For Dave's normal day tours, we only accept 26 people per group.

NOTE: If you are a private large group, we are happy to assist you and will arrange a private bus. We can accommodate up to 48 people for such occassions.

How much do your tours cost per person?

Our 'one set price' will not vary whether we fill our group that day or tour with the minimum 8 people. You know the price up front!

Payment is due at time of booking.  
A 3,50€ per person service fee is additional to cover credit card/paypal fees.
Please use the address

What is your cancellation policy?

All cancellations must be made in writing/e-mail.

Cancellations outside of 5 days prior to the tour are without penalty.

Cancellations within 5 days of the day of the tour are 100% liable for the tour fee and payment must be made via to

German law will be applied to any “noshows".





DNA Tours, Gmbh

What is DNA Tours anyway?

DNA Tours stands for Dave Natale Adventure Tours and is the corporate face for Dave's incredible river cruise journeys on Ama Waterways' vessels around the world. We call them Dave-Ventures!

Does Dave actually sail with us?

YES! Imagine having all the fun you had on one of Dave's Warnemünde day tours for a whole week or more?

Several times per year, Dave will escort a select group of special travel friends on Ama Waterways river cruise adventures down the Danube, Rhine, Rhone, Seine,
Duoro, Mekong and Chobe Rivers.

Dave doesn't simply book your cruise for you, he helps you with all your preplanning; using his own intimate knowledge of the places you're visiting, and his insider tips and special information will help you maximize your time in each port.

Dave also travels with you and acts as your personal concierge to ensure that everything runs smoothly. If somewhere along the line there is a snag, he will send you off to have fun while he handles it for you.

Why travel alone when you can go with a friend like Dave?

Do we book with Dave or our own travel agent?

To participate in one of Dave's
adventures you must book directly with him. As we have many special activities and extras for our guests, anyone not booking with Dave will not be able to participate.

Are there extra charges to go with Dave?

NO! Since Dave acts as the travel agent, you actually save 5% off of regular Ama prices AND you get Dave, too!

Our dates don't fit Dave's. Can he still help us?

ABSOLUTELY!!! He loves nothing better than to help you plan an AMAzing trip. To be quite frank, why book with a guy in a cubicle who has never left his home city when you can book with a guy that travels these routes regularly and knows
the places intimately?

Dave will also take requests for routes and itineraries to base future Dave-Ventures around. Just ask!

Will Dave organize a special cruise for my group, club, or special event?

There is no better way to create an amazing event than to have Dave help you plan an Ama Waterways Dave-Venture!
As a former corporate trainer, Dave can also help you plan a leadership seminar, educational training, language seminar, or any other party or incentive activity. Ama Waterways is the PERFECT partner to work with for such events. Their attention to detail and quest for perfection match Dave's!

Does Dave conduct the tours on the river cruises?

No and Yes.

Ama Waterways includes basic city tours as part of their overall cruise package so Dave adds to that experience with a few extra special tour activites during the week and on the pre/post cruise
packages. He will also conduct a few special seminars and lec - tures for his group, a wine semi- nar and a few other special surprises.

If Dave is in Germany how do I get my documents?

Your cruise documents come as E-Docs a few weeks before your cruise. No preregistration is necessary.


General Questions

Can Dave help with St. Peters- burg, Berlin or other Baltic ports?

Dave is proud to work with Alla Tours in St Petersburg and recom- mends her fabulous 2 or 3 day, comprehensive tours as well as any of her night time activities.


Due to Mr Putin’s strange new laws, Dave an no longer book you directly, but write Alla and tell him he sent you: Alla Ushakova,

What about Dave's Christmas Market Tours?

No one knows more Christmas Markets in Germany than Dave!

Every year he visits dozens upon dozens of these traditional and fabulous markets and just like a little kid, he gets lost in them year after year.

He is excited to use AmaWaterways now  for his yearly journeys  throughout Germany, Austria, Hungary, Slovenia, Czech Republic, France, & Switzerland and Dave goes along to not only ensure
that you experience the vast and various types of Christmas markets, but he will educate you about which products are best bought in which areas, and where to get the best Glühwein.

Like all of Dave's trips, you will also be introduced to his local friends in cities like Vienna, Frankfurt, Cologne, Amsterdam, Budapest and others and asked to gather around the friendship fire with a hot glass of mulled wine and great company!

Does Dave still organize Oktoberfest visits?

Every 3 years, Dave offers a fun
Oktoberfest extravaganza. Watch the Website!