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For a perfect day

You have never gone on a tour like a Friends of Dave Tours port adventure!

Trip Advisor's top rated guides for Warnemünde, our tour has become a local institution and a Bucket List experience for travelers who not only want the very best, but who also crave the individual attention and carefully crafted day that Dave and his guides put together.  

We limit our Mega Mecklenburg tour groups to 26 people (on a luxury bus for 44) and we use individual headsets to make sure you hear every word. 
First Come, First Served!

Contact Dave directly for info for larger affinity groups, VIP & Celebrity tours.

Our guests are treated like visiting friends and our ALL INCLUSIVE full day tour is conducted by my assistants Christian in the main groups and me by private appointment. Friends of Dave Tours has been earning consistent 5 star ratings at TripAdvisor because we are very dedicated to ensuring a great overall experience! We have a fun and relaxed touring style that combines sightseeing with cafe stops and a fantastic, authentic lunch at a high quality local brewery so that you truly experience Mecklenburg with all your senses.

As our reviews reveal, the lunch on a Friends of Dave tour is the best meal of the entire vacation for most people and is an experience all in itself!

Foodies! This tour is  a MUST!

All our tours include an a la Carte lunch with one large beverage, transport by private coach, all admissions and the 19% German Sales Tax. On the Schwerin* stop, you will have the choice to visit the interior of the castle OR experience a traditional German Cake and Coffee Pause. You can decide spontaneously on the day of your tour, but I can tell you 95% of our guests choose CAKE and with good reason.! 

Our full day ALL INCLUSIVE tour is perfectly timed to your ship’s arrival and departure and combines walking tours in Warnemünde, Wismar & Schwerin.  We meet you ship side. Our tours involve a good deal of walking and regretfully are not appropriate for folks with mobility issues or young children.

*Schwerin Palace is closed on Mondays/ exterior visit only*

Mega Mecklenburg Tour 


Get Ready For a Magical Day!

Our MEGA MECKLENBURG tour begins ship-side in Warnemünde*. You will be met at your ship and taken on your first tour of the day through this historic and charming port side town. We will share the history of the region with you and introduce you to your Hanseatic themed day. You will be laughing and learning as your guide shares the best of the past and present as we lay the groundwork for your perfect port day.

After a brief restroom stop, You will be whisked off by private luxury coach to the UNESCO World Heritage city of Wismar, the most intact medieval Hanseatic city in the world. You'll learn about the ancient trade history of the Baltic and we will bring all of your cruise ports together into context. You'll view incredible Gothic buildings from the 13th-16th Centuries and enjoy what some have described as the 'best meal of the entire cruise' at an over 560 year old brewery. You´ll also have the chance to drink the Mum beer that made Wismar famous all those centuries ago!

After lunch you'll depart for the former ducal residence of Schwerin and another UNESCO monument, Schwerin Palace**. You will have a chance to tour the castle gardens and afterwards you can choose between viewing the castle's interiors on your own or to enjoy cake & coffee with free time in the old town center. You will get to make this choice spontaneously based on how you feel.

Afterwards it's back to Warnemünde where you can return to your ship or stroll back into the harbour village to enjoy the boutiques, open air pubs and restaurants, or the beach promenade that we showed you earlier.

This FULL DAY tour includes 3 mini walking tours (Warnemünde, Wismar & Schwerin), transport by private coach, a full lunch with 1 large beverage (we dine a la Carte) an afternoon cafe visit OR entrance into Schwerin castle, and the 19% German sales tax.


Tour Cost is 155€ per person ALL INCLUSIVE and includes the 19% German sales tax & lunch service tip, but not a 3,50€ booking fee.

*Ships docking in the Rostock industrial harbour will visit Rostock City Centre instead of Warnemünde

**Schwerin Palace is closed on Mondays/ exterior visit only

We accept up to 26 people, but our bus sits 48 so you will have plenty of room. Our coach has AC and a WC on board, however we make multiple "Happy Stops" during the day.

ADVISORY: While not overly strenuous, you MUST be able to walk for stretches of 20 - 30 minutes and keep up with the group. Sorry, we can not accept people who have mobility issues or need assistance to walk or stand.



All About


Dave is an American who has been living in Germany for 18 years. He was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and grew up in Orlando, Florida. His first job was as a waiter at Walt Disney World and he has worked in hospitality and the cruise industry for over 30 years.

Dave has been on over 85 cruises and has been on more tours than he can count. He has taken the best aspects of private day tours and combined them with what he things are the highlights of the Mecklenburg area. His love of history, art and culture, people and stories all go into creating your Friends of Dave Tours port day.

When not touring in Warnemünde, Dave runs his own AmaWaterways river cruise agency and sails in Europe, Asia and Africa. He has become one of Ama´s top international salespeople and knows all the ins and outs. He escorts several river cruise adventures per year and also helps create private river cruise journeys for those who can´t come on his trips.

He lives part time in Warnemünde and part time in Berlin with his two sweet dachshunds and devoted partner. Everything else changes without notice.

My Warnemünde tour is by private appointment only and I can accommodate only 4 guests

All About


My name is Christian. I´m 24 years old and I was born and raised in Rostock. I am the main guide for the Mega Mecklenburg tour and excited to be a part of the number 1 tour in MeckPomm. I really love my city in the north and look forward to sharing it with you. Of course, sometimes it can be a little bit windy and not everybody knows what the words "moin" or "Hanse" mean, but after your time with me, we´ll sort that right out.

I grew up in a section of Rostock called "Warnemuende" and I wouldn´t change my hometown for anything - not even for a longer summer.I´ve travelled around Australia, New Zealand and Europe and for all I´ve seen, I still think that our charming city is unique. So who better to show you around all the lovely places in Rostock and Meck-Pomm than somebody who´s lived here his whole life! I´m excited to share my knowledge and passion with you about the rare buildings and art which abound here.

Similar to Dave, I´m a laid back person who loves to meet new people and make new friends. Along with talking about our unique history with visiting guests, I´m a fan of the great German writers like Goethe, Heine or Schiller. I like sports and traveling to different places all over the world and must confess, for all of my interest in reading, I really love football! I´ve been playing for my club "Sv Warnemuende" since I was 5 years old and have been the coach for the youngest teams in our club since I was 18. Those kids really give me a run around, but I love to give back to my community.

Last year I graduated with a degree in elementary education and plan to be a teacher. After completing my studies I was lucky to travel down under for the second time in my life and I really love Australia. I explored and experienced everything from from lonely Banana farms near Cairns to busy cities like Melbourne.

Like Dave, I´ve seen my share of tours around the world and sometimes I had to shake my head and think, "these tours are just for tourists, they deserve better!"That is why I am so proud to be a part of Friends of Dave Tours. Dave and I have the same philosophy and style.

I am looking forward to helping him create wonderful memories for all our Friends of Dave Tours guests and I look forward to meeting you!





All About


I am very pleased to be able to add Jens Dahlmann to the Friends of Dave roster.  Jens and I have been friends since I began touring and it has long been my wish that he join our team of personable, friendly and informative guides.  Jens is a native Rostocker, has been a guide for over 12 years and also worked in the cruise industry for many years.  He brings knowledge, understanding and a hands on approach to guiding which is a perfect fit to our band of happy travel fans. 

Jens will be the guide for our private VIP tours. 

I am also very pleased that Jens will be partnering with Friends of Dave Tours to offer a HAPPY KOBENHAVN tour for guests beginning or ending there cruise there.   His life has straddled both sides of the Baltic and he spends his time between Mecklenburg and Copenhagen. He also speaks perfect English, German and Danish.  I know that you will love your time with Jens and welcome him unreservedly to the Friend of Dave family.